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Donkey Kong Country Volume 2 "Raiders of the Lost Banana"

Not bad needs work and better price, October 17, 2013

I bought this DVD and got it for a good price but I guess it's also called you get what you paid for.
Here are the features:
-4 Classic episodes on one disc
                             -a reversible cover one side in English and one side in Spanish
                             -The Quality is much better than the first volume

The bad:
-The DVD says there are Subtitles in English and Spanish but no subs are present.
-The Disc Menu gives you only 8 seconds to make a selection.

I give this DVD release a 2/5 cause I also agree so far for Volumes 1 & 2 I paid a tital of $13.95 I want the complete collection or at least the complete first season released.

AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

My Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

What words can I say about this product other than the fact it sucks! It comes with 40 Sega Genesis games which is cool but it also comes with 40 Indie Games which are not fun at all. The Wireless controllers do not work unless your aiming at the console. The Console will play all SEGA Genesis Games with it's built in cartidge slot. The audio is horrible! Do you remember when you had a audio tape player and how the music sounded when the batteries were dying? Thats how the music sounds for any game you play even in the cartridge slot. Also you think if it comes with Sonic 1, 2, spinball, & Knuckles, 3D Blast, and mean bean machine you think they would add Sonic 3 in there as well but they don't. Explains why Rite Aid (being the most expensive store that they are) gave me the system for $10.

Pros of the machine: Cartridge slot to play all your favorite classic Games,

40 classic Genesis games including: Sonic 1 & 2, Altered Beast, The Golden Axe Trilogy, Comix Zone, Alex Kidd, Dr. Robotnik, Vectorman 1 & 2, Columns 1 & 3, Alien Storm, Bonanza Bros., Crack Down, Arrow Flash, Ecco 1& 2 and Jr., Decap Attack, Esaut, Eternal Champions, Fatal Labyrinth, Flicky, Gain Ground, Jewel Master, Kid Chameleon, Ristar, Shadow Dancer, Shinobi 3, Streets of Rage Trilogy, The Ooze, and Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball

2 Ports to plug in your wired controllers

Cons of the machine:
40 Indie Games includes: Air hockey,Black Sheep, Bomber. Bottle Taps Race, Brain Switch, Bulls and Cows, Cannon, Checker, Chess, Color Puzzle, Cross the road, Curling 2010, Dominant Color, Fight or Lose, Firefly glow, Fish Story, Flash memory, formula challenge, hexagons, Jack's Pea, Jewel Magic, Logic Dial, Mahjong, Match Eleven, Mega Brain Switch, Memory, Memory Match, Mirror Mirror, Mr. Balls, Naual Power, Panic Lift, Reaction Match, Snake, Space Hunter, Spider, Sudoku Quiz, Table Magic, Treaure Hunt, Warehouse Keeper, Whack a Wolf <---None of them are any fun

Wireless controllers barely work at all

Audio in the game is the worst

No autosave feature

Original Price for this machine is $39.99 and even if it is on sale DO NOT BUY!!!! You will regret it. I may even take mine back to the store i'm so disgusted with it.

Kiki's Delivery Service

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I first saw this movie back when Movie Gallery were introducing Anime and when Spirited Away was announced and it had better dialog better music score and more of a childish "Oh i get it now" type of theme for kids. Out of all the anime I've ever seen this is the only one next to Totoro that has that Anime can be for kids too type of deal. With this being a special edition DVD they shouldve did 2 different English Dialouge versions. One 1998 version and the 2010 version with Japanese music and English vocals the only reason I think that is because already since I'm more familiar with the 1998 version I dont understand a few things. If I watch this movie with my daughter I will watch the 1998 version with her. Sorry Disney I wish you kept the 1998 one or added that as an extra audio. Stars 3/5 reason: classic film but bad cut vocals. :(


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