The 8-Bit Jingle Bell Rock

While her friends play NES horns M.I. sings Jinghle Bell Rock

M.I. sings O Christmas Tree

A bell singing of O Christmas Tree

M.I. scores 100 points on Legend of Zelda: The Musical

An Orchestra version of The Legend of Zelda

Emily to M.I. Screen Comparison

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M.I.'s Country Animal Crossing

M.I. and her friends play a country version of Animal Crossing

M.I. sings Scarbourogh Fair

M.I. sings back-up to the classic song.

M.I. sings the "Ode to joy"

M.I. and her friends play a classic Beethoven song while a small twist.

M.I. sings "I'll be There"

M.I. sings a classic Jackson 5 song

M.I. plays "Happy Birthday"

M.I. and her friends play the song Happy Birthday

M.I. Sings the "Super Mario Bros. Theme"

M.I. acapellas the 1st level of the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros. theme

M.I. plays Trampoline and Fencing

M.I. bounces on a trampoline and faces characters in a fencing match.

Team M.I. 4 X 100 Meter Relay

M.I., Sakura, Toonstar and Noser race against various Mario and Sonic characters.

M.I. playing Table Tennis

M.I. plays dream table tennis against Luigi & Yoshi

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