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General Questions

Q: What is Noser Studios?

A: Noser Studios is a Entertainment studio designed to bring your old home movies to life and bring fun and Enjoyment to watching the programs whether they be here or at home on your favorite video game console.

Q: Emily is so adorable! I want to see more videos of her! Are any of her shows for sale?

A: First of all, Thank you for the compliment and sorry no. Emily and M.I. are under my Entertainment only policy, More of which I make DVDs for friends and family but I also make Fan Projects and those two are in that category.

Q: I have a special Project for you do you have the time?

A: Sure. But I need to know what I'm doing first Please see my Special Projects Policy For More Information

Q: I Live outside of the United States/Canada and there is a fan AMV you made I want to see But, it says it's unavailable. What's wrong?

A: Certain AMV's are unavailable in certain countries. I try to make sure it's known if you find one let me know.

Jay Baptist Church Questions

Q: What is the Jay Baptist Church?

A: It's a church located in Jay, Maine.
Q: How long is each Episode?

A: It depends on how much video I have to remove from the finished project. I don't air the entire church service. The program runs between 21-60 minutes.
Q: Why do you need to edit your church service can't you just air it as is? I live out of town/state but I am also curious how the entire service goes.

A: Well I could but unfortunetly I would have alot of upset congregation people. Each week whoever our special music person is I have them sign a piece of paper stating if it's okay to use them on this website. If they say no I have to respect their request. Sorry.

Q: Do you allow special appearances? I mean like if I wanna sing?

A: That's not up to me. That's up to the Pastor and the church music group. But if you do you will have to sign a document stating you are okay with your performance being placed in the final production.

Q: How many versions of the program do you have to make?

A: 2. It depends on the songs that are sung and it's singer. There are 2 modes. There is DVD version, and the internet version.

Q: DVD's? Are they available to purchase?

A: Not at this time sorry The DVDs are special ordered for the church until further notice.

Q: I noticed the latest program was service 58. Will there be any new services?

A: We have ended the series. We are sorry for the inconvience.

Entertainment Policy

Q: Can you explain your entertainment policy to us?

A: Absolutely. Noser Studios Home Entertainment brings you the best in Entertainment with videos in a fan project type of way or by editing your home movies for you and transferring them to DVD.
(Please see the Special Projects Policy for more on your home movies)
Q: I saw up above Emily and M.I. are under the entertainment policy. Can you explain why?

A: Emily is my little girl and M.I. is a Mii Character both of which are normally in the same Fan Project.

Q: Okay I understand that a little...but what do you mean by "Fan Project" especially if that's your daughter.

A: A "Fan Project" is normally a video or short clip that doesn't receive any funds and/or money normally the video is done with donations and your still not making a profit as the video is non-profit. The video is distributed online on places like YouTube, FaceBook, Google Video. Not distributed to the public in stores so with it only onine you can't make any money.

Q: Are your characters/Emily on DVDs we order?

A: No Never you get the original logo that has only the title and stars and hearts.

Special Projects

Q: You make DVDs do you have any restrictions to our projects?

A: Yes as a matter of fact I do. There are guidelines in my Special Projects policy that must be followed.

  • The Video/Finished Project rating must be NR, G, PG or PG-13 (keep it Kid friendly is the best way in case your kids get a hold of it)
  • No nudity if your looking to make a porno DVD or something sleazy like that go somewhere else.
  • No copyrighted characters (example would be Sonic the Hedgehog, Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog etc) as they all would require special licenses which would cost extra. If you have a toy or t-shirt that's fine but no like pictures hanging out with them at Six Flags or San Diego Comic Con.
  • The song can not have no swearing or dissing my religeon  <----I am dead serious on this one!
  • If your planning to use background music to the song you must tell me who the original author is so I can get the proper license.
Q: Okay that's good. Do you have any price estimates you can give?

A: No I figure that all out later

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* Please Note Not all AMV's or Any Project will be released on Schedule.

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