Character Information:

Name: Emily
Age: 7
First Appearance: Baby Emily 1 (2008)

Latest Appearance: Talisheek and Emily Play Sonic 2 Multiplayer (2016)

Emily plays Rabbids Alive & Kicking

Emily hides from Rabbids

(1 Video)

Patrick hates Emily 4-Ever

Patrick Star how dare you change the channel

(1 Video)

Emily dances to Smooth McGrooves Sonic 1

Boogie down Emily

(1 Video)

Emily plays Sonic Generations

Emily plays the demo version of Modern Sonic's Green Hill Zone

(1 Video)

Emily to M.I. Screen Comparison

What M.I. does Emily can do better (1 Video)

Emily 4-Ever

A DVD menu to a video I made for Emily's 4th Birthday (1 Video)

Emily feeds the goats

She enjoyed doing that (1 Video)

Emily plays Spider Stomp

She tries her luck at a game of skill

(1 Video)

Emily rides in a car

Silly girl (1 Video)

Squidward watches Emily

Squidward wants to watch TV but all thats on is Emily

(1 Video)

Emily's 1st Trick or Treat

Emily goes trick or treating and gets spooked by a Franken-Tigger. (1 Video)

Emily dances to the Rescue Rangers Theme

Sometimes some crimes...makes Emily want to dance (1 Video)

Emily gives Meme a dirty look

Never tell Emily she can't take off her shoes

(1 Video)

Emily Causing Trouble

Emily thats a no no

(1 Video)

Emily has the camera

Careful Emily (1 Video)

Making a Mess

Making a mess at the library

(1 Video)

Emily Meets Santa Part 2

Now staring at a DVD
(1 Video)

Emily Meets Santa Part 1

She wont meet him

(1 Video)

Emily in her stroller

I don't think she likes it

(1 Video)

Emily being silly

Goofy Girl (1 Video)

Emily's 1st Steps

What a good girl (1 Video)

Emily's mini cake

She didn't dive in....interesting
(1 Video)

Emily and the early Birthday present

Before her 1st Birthday she gets to open a birthday present (1 Video)

Emily Watches Elmo's World

Elmo and Super Grover (1 Video)

Emily plays Rabbids Alive & Kicking II

Emily beats her old score

Emily drinking her bottle

What a big girl she is :)
(1 Video)

Emily Watching Pocoyo

Watching Pocoyo (1 Video)

Emily meets pump the Akita dog

Emily meets a big Akita Dog
(1 Video)

Emily & The Fraggle Song

Who wouldn't want to dance their cares away? (1 Video)

The Ninja Turtle Dance

Exactly what it says

Emily & The Amazing Mirror

Theres another baby? Emily investigates (1 Video)

Emily sitting in her rocking chair

I dont know what to say... (1 Video)

Emily pulls her hair

A habit she had when she was little
(1 Video)

Emily loves Wheel of Fortune

What child doesn't? (1 Video)


A complimation of Emily dancing

Emily Giggles

A giggling baby what more can you ask for? (1 Video)

Emily Music Video

"Dear my Friend" performed by Brent Cash (1 Video)

Baby Emily 2

She is now a day look at all that hair (1 Video)

Baby Emily 1

The day of her birth (1 Video)

Then & Now:
Emily in the car wash

2010 & 2014 (1 Video)

 Dug out of the archives comes this ultra rare Emily video never before seen. Taken around 2010
 They will bring you Ham! Evil Ham!
 They have more ham! Evil Ham!
 The Time has come to answer the question can Emily dance? The answer is here but it comes with a surprise!
 Talisheek and Emily take on each other in a Sonic 2 Mutiplayer Game

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